Growing Seeds Trunk



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Includes 2 "STEAM" projects (Science, Technology Engineering and Maths) and a "Discoveroo" magazine full of science experiments, doodles, puzzles and games.  

Introduce gardening to little ones with the fun, simple, rewarding activities inside. But fear not – growing does not mean mess and mud everywhere – the activities can all be done inside, whatever the weather.

There’s nothing quite like seeing something you’ve looked after flourish and with this trunk your child will be a green fingered young gardener in no time. Plus get creative making flower pots, enjoy maths puzzles, experiment with nature and even make your own 3D paper cacti!

Customer Reviews:
"We are loving the Growing Seeds Trunkaroo!!  It is a massive hit - Aran jumped out of bed this morning screaming something I later understood to mean I must go and check my plants and he ran to the kitchen to water his Trunkaroo plants!!  Must have been dreaming about them in the night!! Awesome kit! - Uma (mum of 2)