Arctic Explorers Science Activity Kit



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Includes 2 "STEAM" projects (Science, Technology Engineering and Maths) and a "Discoveroo" magazine full of science experiments, doodles, puzzles and games.  

Inside are two amazing "STEAM" activities that include everything you need to do fascinating winter experiments.  Learn about the Arctic and the Northern Lights by making Ice paints and conducting an ice experiment.  Then make your own 3D Polar Bear Bowling game for hours of active fun with the whole family.  Plus in the Arctic Science issue of "Discoveroo" there are lots of holiday themed activities and science experiments to extend the fun. 

Customer Reviews:

"Trunkaroo is a must for families whether you love or hate craft. Plus, they make a wicked gift too…Awesome kit!" - Cat, from notsosmugnow (mum of 1)