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5 Best Fidget Toy Crafts

Fidget Toys are taking the world by storm. Children and adults alike have been swept away with the craze for these charming tactile games, but what exactly are they? Kids often fiddle with or grab nearby objects because they require extra sensory input. Fidget toys, such as the popular Hand Spinners, provide the additional sensory input required to calm the...read more

Fathers Day Gifts That Kids Can Make

Fathers Day is creeping up quickly and along with it the search for the perfect gift. At Trunkaroo we believe STEM learning can be incorporated into all of aspects of life and gift-giving is no exception! Nothing can beat a token of appreciation crafted by the hands of your own child so why not factor in a little bit of...read more

Make Your Own Candles From Old Crayons!

Are you always left with broken crayons in the bottom of your art box? If so, we have a fun experiment for you! Explore different shapes and colour combinations and kake these fun candle gifts out of your old (or new) crayons!   Of course, please send us photos of your creations as we'd love to see them....read more

Trunkaroo Theme: Famous Artists

Our latest trunk is a must-have for budding artists and designers! This month we have taken inspiration from the great artists of history. We have included two artistic projects, alongside our 12-page educational magazine, which will encourage creative thinking and experimentation. With the Famous Artists Trunk, children will learn different art techniques and create masterpieces inspired by Picasso,...read more

Flying Teabag Experiment

 Science doesn't get cooler than this!  Learn how to launch an empty tea bag with this fun and simple science experiment you can do at tea time.  You'll never look at tea bags the same way again! 

This experiment uses the same principles that allow hot air balloons to fly.  Warm air rises. When you light...read more

Nail Varnish Prints Experiment

Nail Varnish Prints!

See what happens when you mix nail varnish and water to create a marbling art experiment.


You will need:

• Bowl of Water

• Nail Varnish

• Cocktail Stick 

read more