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8 Delightful DIY Christmas Gifts that Kids Can Make

Christmas is a magical time of year, but it’s easy to lose focus on the values beneath the piles of presents! At Trunkaroo we believe in encouraging mini makers to create thoughtful DIY gifts. A homemade Christmas present not only instils a sense of achievement and patience, but is also a perfect opportunity to incorporate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art...read more

16 Tips For a Safe and Spooky Halloween!

Halloween is one of the most imaginative times of the year for children! There are endless possibilities for creative play and spooktastic activities. Of course, along with all the fun and frivolities can come potential hazards for little ones. Team Trunkaroo have put together some simple advice to eliminate any danger and guarantee a hauntingly happy Halloween! Read on and stay...read more

5 ways to break gender stereotypes for kids

In recent times, it feels not a week goes by without the term ‘gender-neutral’ hitting the headlines. John Lewis has announced its intention to remove gendered labelling of it’s children’s clothes. But what exactly does gender-neutral parenting mean? And more importantly, is it good for our kids?


Gender-neutral parenting is an approach to child rearing...read more

8 Easy Ways To Inspire Your Kids To Create

We often associate creativity with artists and musicians but creative thinking is the lynchpin of many disciplines, particularly STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects. The ability to think outside the box and solve problems is what drives the innovation of STEM industries. Contrary to popular belief creativity is not something innate that we are either born with or without-...read more

7 Summer Holiday STEM Activities

The British weather might be a bit slow on the uptake but the summer holidays are fast approaching! Whether we get glorious sun or just a little bit less rain, the milder temperatures provide a great opportunity to take our STEM adventures outside. Being outdoors and surrounded by nature is an awesome sensory experience for little explorers, and allows for...read more

STEM Fun On The Road

Summer holidays can often bring with it long journeys, whether by plane, train or car. If you are heading out for a holiday or a day-trip we know it can be a stressful prospect to keep the little ones entertained for hours in a confined space. Thankfully tablets and smart phones are filled with videos and apps to help save...read more