What is the Maker Movement?

What is the Maker Movement?


The Maker Movement has been taking the world by storm. You may not know exactly what the term means but you will most definitely have seen its presence. So what exactly is the Maker Movement, and more specifically, why is it important for kids?

In its essence the Maker Movement is a growing trend for people creating self-made products and undertaking DIY projects. The movement spans industries from food and crafts, to technology and engineering. The enthusiasm and appetite for inventing and consuming new, innovative things is apparent through the booming success of platforms such as Kickstarter, Etsy and the Maker Faire events.

Humans have a basic impulse to create, and an innate desire to solve our own problems. There is growing recognition within the education realms that by feeding children’s urge to tinker and make, we can provide an engaging, multi-sensory learning experience. Through creative projects and hands-on "making" the arts, humanities, engineering, and science become intertwined and blended. The nature of building and exploring new ideas teaches patience, resilience and critical thinking.

The Making and 'STEAM' (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) approaches to learning integrate together beautifully as most making projects require an inter-disciplinary approach. Blended learning can help children to see how academic knowledge and method can be applied in everyday life. STEAM and Maker activities remove the gaping void between vocational and academic education, and empowers kids to design video games, build robots, sew costumes, and fly rockets!

At Trunkaroo we are on a mission to help children become mini STEAM Makers! Our monthly trunks are packed full of fun projects and activities designed to get kids creating, discovering, imagining and experimenting. The hands-on content arrives through your letterbox making the process of learning with your child convenient and accessible. Each kids subscription box is developed using our STEAM and Maker Movement inspired development areas:

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