16 Tips For a Safe and Spooky Halloween!

16 Tips For a Safe and Spooky Halloween!


Halloween is one of the most imaginative times of the year for children! There are endless possibilities for creative play and spooktastic activities. Of course, along with all the fun and frivolities can come potential hazards for little ones. Team Trunkaroo have put together some simple advice to eliminate any danger and guarantee a hauntingly happy Halloween! Read on and stay safe Halloweenies:


Creative Costumes

1.  Check kids costumes for small pieces that could be swallowed. Props should be flexible and pliant. Be wary of swords, wands, ropes, cords or anything that could cause an injury.

2.  Be careful when painting little faces and bodies. Choose non-toxic face paint and conduct a patch test a week before Halloween to check for allergies.

3.  If your mini ghoul is wearing a mask then visibility may be an issue. Confirm that they have a full range of vision through the eyeholes to avoid accidents.

4. Always check the labels of shop bought costumes for the ‘flame resistant’ reassurance. Many cheap costumes can be highly flammable.

5.  Adjust costumes where necessary so they fit properly. Oversized clothing causes lots of trips and falls.

6.  Choose light coloured costumes or customise with reflective strips so little monsters can be easily spotted in the dark.


Pumpkin Pitfalls

7.  Ditch the candles! Use a battery powered tea light or glow stick to light up your Jack’ O Lantern instead.

8. Small children can get involved by drawing on their pumpkin with markers and leaving an adult to do the carving.

9.  For older children who can safely handle knives be sure to supervise carefully and have a refresher knife safety lesson first.

10. Remove any pumpkin seeds and pulp as they can pose choking and slip hazards.


    All Treats and No Tricks!

    11.  The evenings become dark much earlier in Autumn so give each of your trick and treating group a torch each to light their way.

    12.  Hold hands with teeny Halloweenies, especially when crossing roads.

    13.  A responsible adult should accompany all children under the age of 12.

    14.  If your older children will be venturing out alone then agree a route with them beforehand and give them a phone in case of emergencies.

    15.  If you are taking out a group of children ensure there is a sensible adult to child ratio.

    16.  Before embarking on your trick or treat adventure be sure to brief kids on stranger danger and road safety.


       Have a lovely time everyone!  

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