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Helicopter Drop Experiment

Helicopter Drop!

Make these paper helicopters and discover how they spin. Just download and print out the template below and follow the step by step instructions in our video and get experimenting.  Remember to send us your awesome videos!   

Science behind the experiment:

The helicopter blades make the paper spin when dropped from a height. Gravity pulls the...read more

Dancing Ghosts Experiment

Static Ghost Experiment

Follow these instructions to create Static Dancing Ghosts this Halloween!! A super fun and easy activity for everyone to take part in! Watch the video instructions below or download the printable instructions! 

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STEM Explanation:...read more

Simple Slime Experiment

Make this gooey, sticky slime that behaves very strangely under pressure! All you'll need it water, corn starch and food colouring.  See video instructions below or download a a step-by-step printable sheet for instructions.  

Science behind the experiment: 

Your cornflour slime behaves like a liquid and a solid at the same time. The more pressure you apply...read more

September Kids News Round up

Here is September’s run down of kids learning, education and development news in one handy blog:


‘Big Bang’ actress is to be the face of the new Fisher Price STEM toy range 

Hollywood actress Mayim Bialik, who plays neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler in the TV series ‘Big Bang’, has been announced as the spokeswoman for the new range...read more

Summer Kids News Round Up

The Trunkaroo team has curated a selection of this summer's most interesting kid-related news and articles for your reading pleasure.

Spotify launches new ‘Kids’ category

Digital music service Spotify has re-launched the Kids category of its app with tons of cool new vocabulary and language development activities. The Kids playlists are created to fit in with daily family...read more