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7 Ways for Kids to Give Back this Christmas

The festive season is a magical time of family gatherings, plentiful food and of presents. It’s also the perfect opportunity to develop your child’s social conscience: a time for giving as well as receiving. Take some time to talk about those people who are less fortunate and how it’s important to share our own good fortune whenever possible. There are...read more

12 Days of STEM Christmas Activities

The countdown has begun! Christmas is coming and it's time to dig out the tree, put up decorations and prepare for when the big man comes down the chimney.  The festive season is one of the most imaginative times of year which is ideal for inspiring family crafts and activities. We have put together the ultimate round up of creative...read more

5 Christmas Decoration Crafts

Here at Trunkaroo HQ decorating the Christmas tree is one of our favourite Christmas activities. Christmas baubles are collected over the years, passed down by generations and are often cherished mementos. What better way to decorate your tree but with baubles made by your children? When the kids see their creations hanging from the branches it will instil a real...read more

December Trunkaroo Theme: Winter Wonderland

It that magical time of the year again! The Trunkaroo December box is designed by educational experts to add some extra Christmas cheer to your holiday. Our Winter Wonderland subscription box is a treasure chest of festive crafts, science, games and creative activities. With lots of family time on the cards these engaging projects are fun for all...read more