Five Fun ‘STEAM’ Activities for the Seaside

Five Fun ‘STEAM’ Activities for the Seaside


A summer trip to the seaside is an excellent opportunity to combine a family day out with fun ‘STEAM’ (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) projects. Whether you are on a beach in the Seychelles or Southend there are countless learning opportunities for children. Being by the sea is an awesome sensory experience for little explorers- try asking them what they can hear, see, feel, and smell. Nature can provide us with the best learning activities; from something as simple as writing in wet sand to a beach scavenger hunt. Here are five of our favourite STEAM projects for discovery by the sea:

Paper Boats (via Red Ted Art)

Origami is such a classic activity, which is fantastic for developing fine motor skills in little fingers. Imagination and creativity comes into play when decorating the paper vessels, before the really exciting part: setting sail into the sea!

paper boats kids beach activity


Pinwheel (via HelloKids)

Making pinwheels is an awesome engineering-based craft to use for play on the beach. It is also a perfect way to learn about wind power and energy.


kids pinwheel seaside project 


Alphabet and number pebbles (via The Imagination Tree)

Find your (ideally flat) pebbles via a scavenger hunt across the beach. Kids can draw on the letters and numbers using marker pens, paint or even nail varnish. Then let the literacy and numeracy games commence!

pebble beach literacy activity kids 


Measuring seashells math (via Little Bins for Little Hands)

Another activity that can begin with a mini explorer’s scavenger hunt on beach! Make sure to collect as many shells as little hands can carry! Introduce the concept of units of measurement using a measuring tape to compare the shells sizes. 


3D Bubble Wands (via Trunkaroo)

Nothing goes better with sand, sea and sun than…bubbles! Get your young bubble scientist’s cogs turning with a 3D magical bubble wand experiment. The full project and resources are just one of many summer-themed STEAM activities in our Bubble Science Trunk.

bubble science STEAM project kids


Download our beach themed printable activity sheet and word search to entertain and engage the kids on the journey to the beach. If the classic British summer weather doesn’t permit a trip to the seaside then they are also great as a rainy day activity at home. 

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