Separating Egg Yolks

Separating Egg Yolks


Separating Egg Yolks

Try and quick and simple trick to separate egg yolks from egg whites!  Its fun, clean and jam-packed with science.  


You will need:

• Eggs

• A Bowl

• An empty water bottle



1. Crack an egg into a bowl. Try not to break the yolk.

2. Take an empty bottle, squeeze and hold it.  

3. Then hover the mouth of the bottle very close to the yolk and slowly release your grip on the bottle.

4. The egg yolk should get sucked into the bottle leaving the egg whites behind!   


Science behind this experiment:

There are two concepts at play here.  First, when you squeeze the bottle you are pushing all the air out of it.  This means that when you release it, outside air comes rushing back into the bottle.  Second, a raw egg yolk has a very different "viscosity" or thickness compared to raw egg whites.  So when you hold the bottle over the egg yolk, because it is thicker than the egg white it gets separated and get sucked into the bottle along with some air once the bottle is released!  


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