Making S'mores in the UK!

Making S'mores in the UK!


Today is National S'mores Day in America!  Given that so many of us at Trunkaroo are Americans living in the UK, we thought we'd recreate this traditional American camp-fire dessert and make it more Brit friendly!  

This recipe is really easy to make and requires only three ingredients.  Kids will love making (and tasting) thee delectable desserts and they can get involved easily by following the illustrated instructions.  

Instead of Graham Crackers, we suggest using Rich Tea Biscuits or Digestives and for the chocolate you can use Cadbury's Dairy Milk.  If you can't find large marshmallows, just use a few small ones for each s'more.  You'll find our recipe below or  you can download it here.

Enjoy!  We'd love to see what you make so please remember to send us photos of your creations! @trunkaroo #trunkaroo   

Trunkaroo Indoor S'mores Recipe



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