Spooky Science Projects for Curious Kids

Spooky Science Projects for Curious Kids


Science is cool, especially when it involves ghouls! Try some spooky science experiments with your mini professors this Halloween. Themed ‘STEAM’ (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) projects are an awesome way to engage kids in developmental playtime. Here are five of Team Trunkaroo’s favourite spook-tastic science experiments:

Fizzing Eyeballs (Little Bins For Little Hands)

Toy eyeballs caked in baking soda and dropped into vinegar! Genius! The baking soda reacts with the vinegar to great a fizzy explosion guaranteed to titillate young learners. This is a great activity to introduce the idea of chemical reactions and how two different materials react together.



Pumpkin Optical Illusion (KC Edventures)

Optical illusions are a classic piece of scientific exploration for kids, but the Halloween theme makes it all the more magical. This experiment is super easy to try at home and involves a pleasing amount of creativity when designing the two pictures.


Friction Fiends (Trunkaroo)

The Trunkaroo racing bat activity is an awesome science experiment and game combined. The Spooky Pets trunk contains all the components you need to make this fiendish creatures fly!  Follow the instructions and find out all about how a force called friction can be used to make the bats move. Little tinkerers will have hours of fun racing their spooky bats with friends.  You can buy our Spooky Pets trunk here: SHOP

 Kids Halloween Science Experiment


Creepy Density Experiment (Science Sparks)

Spooky science using just a jar and household liquids! Try shaking the jar or floating objects on each layer! This project is a wonderfully interactive way to learn about density, and discover the density for various objects through hands-on experimentation.


Melting Halloween Hands (Happy Hooligans)

This STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) activity would make a fabulous Halloween party game. Make icy monster hands by filling surgical gloves with coloured water and Halloween trinkets before freezing. Once the hands are frozen and gloves removed, kids can turn into archaeologists using salt, brushes and spoons to excavate the icy goodies!



If your little spooks love Halloween and ‘STEAM’ fun then check out our October ‘Spooky Pets’ trunk. As well as Friction Fiends, the October trunk contains a scary floating ghost science experiment and a spooky screaming cup project. Our trunks are available to buy as a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription box, and are brimming with hands-on, creative activities.


Halloween Science Experiments for Kids

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