Host your own Olympic Games

Host your own Olympic Games


Bring Rio to your back garden! The 2016 Olympics are the perfect excuse to get outdoors with activities the whole family can take part in. Olympics themed activities for kids are an ideal way to create excitement for the games, develop gross motor skills and teach your little tinkerers all about the historic sporting competition.

Competitive sports and games encourage the development of soft skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership. It’s never too young to learn how to win or lose gracefully! Begin by splitting the players into teams and choosing team names or countries- assigning a colour or flag to each team works well. Then let the games begin!

Team Trunkaroo have created a Sports Day Trunk, which will make an excellent accompaniment to your Home Olympics. The Super Sack Target game is a STEAM project that will double up as great event at your family Sports Day. It also ticks tons of developmental boxes- fine motor skills, gross motor skills, creativity, art, communication, and social interaction.

Trunkaroo Games 

Here are a few more awesome ideas for games:

  • Obstacle course
  • Paper plane making and throwing
  • Races (running, egg and spoon, three-legged, sack)
  • Frisbee throw
  • Water balloon relay
  • Timed hula hooping
  • Tower building with lego or building blocks
  • Javelin using chopsticks or straws


    Props such as the flags and snacks from our Olympics 2016 Activities for Kids blog will come in handy when cheering each other on and refuelling between games. Of course the winners will need an award ceremony and medal to reward their valiant efforts! Our Sports Day Trunk features a creative, shiny medal-making craft project for such an occasion. Savvy tip: make enough ‘taking part’ medals for all participants so that no one feels left out.

     Trunkaroo Olympic Medals


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