Fathers Day Gifts That Kids Can Make

Fathers Day Gifts That Kids Can Make


Fathers Day is creeping up quickly and along with it the search for the perfect gift. At Trunkaroo we believe STEM learning can be incorporated into all of aspects of life and gift-giving is no exception! Nothing can beat a token of appreciation crafted by the hands of your own child so why not factor in a little bit of educational fun? We collected awesome STEM-inspired masterpieces that will keep your mini-makers busy until Fathers Day arrives. Here are our top ten picks of DIY present projects to make Dad smile:

DIY Mug (via Crafts On Sea)

Turn a plain mug into a work of art! Let the little ones loose with ceramic pens and then admire their creative genius with every cup of tea. This is a great opportunity to practice writing skills and pen control.

DIY fathers day gift


Lolly Stick Car (via Lets Do Something Crafty)

If Papa is a car-lover then this lolly stick construction will make the best gift! This project is an adventurous fusion of engineering and art. Little tinkerers can develop basic engineering concept whilst expressing themselves artistically.

STEM activity for kids


Hand Stamped Card (via In The Playroom)

The obligatory Fathers Day card doesn’t have to be generic gift shop purchase! Engage imagination and get crafty with a completely unique handmade stamp design. You can use pre-cut foam shapes or get extra experimental by creating your own!

creative project children


Salt Dough Print Keepsakes (via The Imagination Tree)

Indulge in some sensory, messy play that ends with a special gift to treasure forever. Preserve little footprints and handprints with this creative salt dough activity containing motor skill development, tactile exploration and maths practice.

homemade keepsake print


Origami Flowers (via Trunkaroo)

Paper flowers last so much longer than real ones! This beautiful, homemade gift contains a fascinating science lesson in its creation. Everything you need to try this developmentally rich project comes inside the ‘Water Science’ subscription box from Trunkaroo. You can get yours here!


Lava Lamp (via Dad Lab)

Kids can wow their fathers with this cool science experiment. Try lighting up the lava lamps by shining a torch underneath. This one will require some adult supervision but is an ideal opportunity to learn about the magic of molecules.


Recycled Plastic Flowers (via Left Brain Craft Brain)

Don’t you just love it when art and science come together? Recycle used plastic cups and bowls to make a pretty flower garden gift. This project will nurture both creativity and curiosity about chemistry.

STEM art science project


Paper and Lego Football Game (via Little Bins for Little Hands)

This project is perfect for sports fans, plus it’s a fuss-free homemade gift that will provide hours of family playtime. All you need is a piece of paper and some lego- no mess involved! The lego construction and origami ball will really test the fine motor skills and problem solving of budding builders.

STEM engineering game


Confetti Candy Bar Wrap (via Hands On As We Grow)

If Dad likes his chocolate then this cute craft will make the gift of candy even sweeter! Personalise chocolate bars with these decorative wraps. This is a simple activity for little hands, but the cutting, sticking and spelling ticks a whole host of developmental checkboxes.

fathers day craft


Personalised Presents (via Trunkaroo)

Give Daddy an extra special DIY present! Mini makers will adore creating these flip-animation diaries with water-resist print covers. This project is a STEM-power house with the added scientific sideshow of optical illusion! You’ll find all the necessary materials and instructions in the ‘Gifts I’ve Made’ trunk from Trunkaroo.

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