8 Delightful DIY Christmas Gifts that Kids Can Make

8 Delightful DIY Christmas Gifts that Kids Can Make


Christmas is a magical time of year, but it’s easy to lose focus on the values beneath the piles of presents! At Trunkaroo we believe in encouraging mini makers to create thoughtful DIY gifts. A homemade Christmas present not only instils a sense of achievement and patience, but is also a perfect opportunity to incorporate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) into festivities! Here are our favourite kid-made Christmas gift ideas that parents will genuinely enjoy receiving:

1. Button Bracelets (via Red Ted Art)

DIY present crafts don’t get any easier (or prettier!) than button bracelets! All you need is a selection of beautiful buttons and a piece of elastic thread. Kiddiwinks can spend hours experimenting with different combinations and designs to adorn loved ones, not to mention honing their fine motor skills.


2. Salt Dough Fingerprint Key Chain (via Crafts On Sea)

We love a fresh spin on an old classic and these salt dough keepsakes are just that. These inexpensive key chains are no only full of sentimental value, but the activity develops creativity, fine motor skills and can even prompt an engaging science lesson about changes in states of matter.

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3. Marshmallow Penguins (via Eats Amazing)

Who doesn’t love a gift they can tuck into? These edible penguins are super easy for even the tiniest of chefs to make, and even more fun to eat! There is plenty of room for artistic license so get imaginative with the faces and accessories. Melting and setting the chocolate provides a great opportunity for a quick science lesson too!

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4. Crayon Candle (via Trunkaroo)

Wee ones can make this cute crayon candle and learn all about states of matter at the same time! High temperatures can change solids into liquids, and when cooled those liquids can change back into solids again. Science has never felt so festive!


5. Bath Bomb Recipe (via Red Ted Art)

Little hands will be in sensory heaven mixing up batches of these divine DIY bath bombs. Don’t forget to watch the bicarbonate of soda sizzle as it reacts with the water. Better yet, all of the ingredients for these perfect pamper gifts can bought from the supermarket!


6. Pom Pom Bookmarks (via Design Mom)

How adorable are these useful yarn bookmarks? Anyone would be pleased to receive this homemade present and the method is a fine motor fiesta for little fingers!  Pom pom making is also the perfect activity for the development of hand-eye coordination. The Trunkaroo team is crazy about pom poms! Watch our instructional video to learn how to make your own.


7. Paper Mache Bowls (via Happy Hooligans)

Time to get messy! You might want to put a sheet down for this activity! Paper mache crafts are a powerhouse of fine motor skill development and sensory stimulation. Not only a great decoration these bowls make such a versatile gift- use them to hold spare change, keys or jewellery!

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8. Personalised Journals (via Trunkaroo

Children can learn a new glue and oil pastel art technique to make amazing watercolour resist prints and decorate a personalised flip animation journal. They can then wrap up their creations and gift them to someone special. You’ll find all the necessary materials and instructions in the 'Gifts I’ve Made’ trunk from Trunkaroo.

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Inspiration for adults

If you'd like to keep the children busy with awesome art activities and science experiments this Christmas then check out our festive trunks! We have a selection of seasonal STEM-inspired projects that arrive on your doorstep complete with instructions and materials. Our subscription boxes for kids also make phenomenal Christmas gifts! 

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