Flying Teabag Experiment

Flying Teabag Experiment


 Science doesn't get cooler than this!  Learn how to launch an empty tea bag with this fun and simple science experiment you can do at tea time.  You'll never look at tea bags the same way again! 

This experiment uses the same principles that allow hot air balloons to fly.  Warm air rises. When you light the tea bag, the warm air that is created rises and carries the tea bag with it.  


You will need:

• Tea Bag with a string and label

• Scissors

• Lighter / Matches and grown up supervision 



1. Cut the top of your teabag

2. Empty the tea bag into a container or the trash

3. Stand up the teabag in an open space

4. As a grown up to light the top of the tea bag

5. Watch it fly up in to sky!  


Watch the video instructions here:




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