Easter STEM experiments: Free eBook

Easter STEM experiments: Free eBook


Easter is a perfect time to create and do activities as a family. Here are some of our favourite egg experiments that are super fun and full of learning. Your young scientist will love them! Do send us your photos and videos as we’d love to celebrate your creations! 
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As well as instructions in your e-book we've included a few video instructions for you here! Don't forget to send us photos and videos of your easter experiments!



Pages 5-6. Marbled Eggs


See what happens when you mix nail varnish and water to create a marbling art experiment! 

What's going on? 

Nail varnish is lighter than water, so it sits on the water’s surface. When you lay the egg over the pattern, it sticks to the egg instead to create a pattern.



Pages 7-8. Floating Eggs


Learn about density in this experiment using only eggs, water and salt! 

What's going on? 

Unlike the fresh water we drink, oceans are made of salt and water. Eggs sink in fresh water because they are more dense than fresh water. This means that an egg-sized amount of fresh water weighs less than an egg. But adding salt makes the water in the glass denser than the egg, this is why eggs float in salty water!



Pages 9-10. Naked Eggs


Watch what happens when you put an egg in to a glass of vinegar!

What's going on? 

A naked egg is an egg with no shell. The acidity in the vinegar reacts with the egg and dissolves its shell. The only thing that remains is the delicate membrane of the egg surrounding the yolk and egg white.



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