Halloween Costumes for Crafty Kids

Halloween Costumes for Crafty Kids


Halloween conjures up associations of sweets, dress-up and parties galore, but all that fun can involve some learning too! A spooky costume is the core of any Halloween celebration, so why not turn it into a 'STEAM' (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) activity for your child? Here is a selection of creative Halloween costumes that kids can make themselves (with adult supervision):


Monster Knees (via This Is Lady Land)


These monster knees jeans are perfect subtle Halloween attire, and a great opportunity to upcycle a pair of worn out trousers! All you need is some felt, googly eyes, scissors, fabric glue and a little pair of hands to help.


Bubble Bath (via Giggles Galore)

This imaginative get-up is bound to win any costume competition! There are so many awesome possibilities for variations of this idea. Purple balloons would make a great bunch of grapes costume, or if you want to get a little gross use green balloons to look like a slime or snot monster!


Butterfly Wings (via Skip To My Lou)

Halloween costumes don’t have to be scary! If your mini-maker would prefer something prettier then this easy butterfly costume is ideal. Kids can get their creative caps on as they design the wing pattern and colour it in themselves.


Mummy Costume (via Red Ted Art)

This creepy Mummy costume is not only thrifty but also a fine motor skill bonanza! Kids will refine the small muscular movements of their hands and fingers as they use scissors to cut strips of old sheets.


Halloween Masks (via Trunkaroo)

Develop fine motor skills, creativity and imagination with these Trunkaroo Halloween Masks. Download the PDF files, print the masks, and then the youngsters can get to work cutting, colouring and wearing their spooky disguise! 

Halloween Kids Mask  

For more Halloween inspired craft ideas, science projects and STEAM activities try our October 'Spooky Pets' Trunk! You can order our October trunk as a one-off treat or sign up to our subscription service to receive hands-on, creative projects through the post every month.


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