5 Best Fidget Toy Crafts

5 Best Fidget Toy Crafts


Fidget Toys are taking the world by storm. Children and adults alike have been swept away with the craze for these charming tactile games, but what exactly are they? Kids often fiddle with or grab nearby objects because they require extra sensory input. Fidget toys, such as the popular Hand Spinners, provide the additional sensory input required to calm the nervous system without too much distraction, thus improving concentration. Don’t rush to the store just yet though! DIY fidget toys can be created at home with the help of these engaging STEAM projects:


DIY Fidget Spinner (via Red Ted Art)

This basic Hand Spinner toy doubles up as a STEM-inspired craft for inquiring minds. The only materials you will need are a toothpick, cardboard and some penny coins- much easier than some the complicated ball bearing designs out there! A grown up can download the paper templates and help with the cutting and sticking if necessary.


Spinning Top (via Trunkaroo)

A new spin (see what we did there!) on an old classic! The spinning top has entertained children for centuries but the colourful optical illusions produced by these homemade toys make them truly STEM-tastic. The materials and instructions are all included in the ‘Curious Colours’ subscription box from Trunkaroo.



Sensory Balloons (via Little Bins for Little Hands)

Texture balloons are surprisingly durable fidget toys which are also super easy to make. The fun-filled bags work well for sensory play as well as concentration tools. Using different materials to fill the balloons, such as flour, rice or sand, you can stimulate your child’s tactile exploration and relieve stress. They provide a satisfying squeeze!

sensory balloon fidget toy


Pipe Cleaner Slider (via The OT Tool Box)

To make this this fidget toy is a pretty cool craft project in itself. This hands-on activity employs critical thinking, fine motor skills and creative prowess. Restless fingers can slide beads up and down the pipe cleaner. The slider is great to hold in the less dominant hand whilst busy writing or drawing with the other one.

homemade fidget toy


Flextangles (via Babble Dabble Do)

Who says a fidget toy can’t look pretty whilst keeping hands busy? These Flextangle paper creations make fidgeting look good! Download the Flextangle templates and colour in the designs as neatly as possible. Then it’s time to do some cutting, folding, cutting and a tiny bit of gluing. Little crafters should follow the instructions carefully using their best communication skills!

DIY fidget toy craft


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