Make Your Own Candles From Old Crayons!

Make Your Own Candles From Old Crayons!


Are you always left with broken crayons in the bottom of your art box? If so, we have a fun experiment for you! Explore different shapes and colour combinations and kake these fun candle gifts out of your old (or new) crayons!   Of course, please send us photos of your creations as we'd love to see them.  The one requires a grown-up assistant!  


You will need:

• Crayons

• Wax / Wicks

• Small paper cups

• Lollypop stick (for stirring)

• Small glass jar

• Microwave



1. Stick the wick to the bottom of your glass jar

2. Take the label off your crayons, add one crayon to a small cup of wax. 

3. Melt the wax in 30 second increments, this should take around 2 minutes to melt completely 

4. Add in your wax gently to your jar, making sure your wick stays centred. If you are layering colours, wait 10 minutes in between to allow to cool.  


Watch the video instructions here:

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