Autumn Half Term Projects

Autumn Half Term Projects


A break from school doesn’t have to mean a break from learning! Filling an entire week with wholesome entertainment and focus can seem daunting. Not to worry though! We have you covered with five creative, fun-filled activities that will keep inquisitive little minds busy and engaged. These ‘STEAM’ (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) based projects are the perfect antidote to half-term boredom:


Autumn Colour Sorting (via The Imagination Tree)

Autumn is an ideal time for colour sorting activities as nature provides an array of beautifully coloured leaves. This sorting and matching game stimulates creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills.


Chestnut Snake (via Red Ted Art)

A game of conkers is a classic Autumnal childhood pastime, but the possibilities of conker fun don’t end there! Try creating this cute Chestnut Snake with your little maker. 


Painting with Nature (via Left Brain Craft Brain)

Finish a seasonal foraging excursion with a nature painting activity. Nature can provide all kinds of cool paintbrushes for little hands to experiment with. Our favourites are the feathers!


Gumdrop Bridge (via Little Bins For Little Hands)

Budding engineers and sweets enthusiasts will love this gumdrop bridge building project. It’s the perfect STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) challenge, with elements of maths, engineering, creative thinking, problem solving and fine motor skills. 


Screaming Cups (via Trunkaroo)

This spook-tacular experiment from our October 'Spooky Pets' trunk combines crafts and science! Try and make these creepy cup faces scream using friction- a great opportunity for imaginative play and a discussion about forces.



For more ready-to-make STEAM projects, activities and puzzles check out our monthly subscription boxes. Our monthly trunks are packed full of high quality materials, an art and science magazine and expert-approved projects. The October 'Spooky Pets' trunk is perfect for half-term fun!


Kids Autumn Half Term Activities

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