7 Summer Holiday STEM Activities

7 Summer Holiday STEM Activities


The British weather might be a bit slow on the uptake but the summer holidays are fast approaching! Whether we get glorious sun or just a little bit less rain, the milder temperatures provide a great opportunity to take our STEM adventures outside. Being outdoors and surrounded by nature is an awesome sensory experience for little explorers, and allows for some messy experiments! Here are seven STEM-tastic projects to keep kids learning all summer:


Outdoor Engineering (via Little Bins For Little Hands)

Do you remember building stick forts as a kid? We bet you never realised the array of STEM skills involved in such a staple outdoor activity! You can go big and build a full-size den or try a smaller structure with twigs- regardless of the size your little engineers will be using planning, building and problem solving skills.



Simple Soil Science (via Left Brain Craft Brain)

Time to get messy! Soil makes for excellent sensory play and a little bit of dirt never hurt anyone. Try conducting some simple science experiments with the soil in your own back garden. Curious kids can collect samples, answer some creative questions and test exciting variables like PH levels.



Sand Writing Tray (via Learn With Play At Home)

Literacy learning is so much more fun when it involves a sensory experience! For this activity you can create your own sand writing tray or just use your existing garden sand box. Kids can draw out letters and numbers using their fingers, sticks or any other interesting implements you can think of. This game not only strengthens literacy and numeracy skills but also develops fine motor skills.


3D Bubble Wands (via Trunkaroo)

Nothing goes better with sunshine than…bubbles! Get your young scientist’s cogs turning with a 3D magical bubble wand experiment. The full project and resources are just one of many summer-themed STEAM activities in our Bubble Science Trunk.

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Paper Mache Summer Fruit Bowls (via Red Ted Art)

Papier mache creations are perfect for summer holiday projects as they dry so much faster in the warm temperatures. This hands-on craft only requires four materials: shredded paper, flour, water and acrylic paint. Mini makers will love moulding and designing these easy, eco-friendly bowls.


Nature Prints (via Craftiments)

Art, craft and science are all combined into this STEM powerhouse project. Use acrylic paint to decorate wet cotton fabric before creatively arranging some flowers and leaves on top. Leave the fabric to dry in the sun for several hours and when you peel the objects it will reveal paint-free imprints!


Rainy Day Cloud Experiment (via The Dad Lab)

As we can’t always count on good weather in the UK summertime here is a rainy day alternative! Why not turn a wet afternoon into a science lesson? This cool cloud experiment introduces the concepts of how clouds and rain work, along with developing fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.


For more ready-to-make STEAM projects, activities and puzzles check out our monthly subscription boxes. Our monthly trunks are packed full of high quality materials, an art and science magazine and expert-approved projects. The Growing Seeds and Bubble Science trunks are perfect for summer holiday fun!

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