7 Inspiring Homeschooling Mums You Need to Follow on Instagram

7 Inspiring Homeschooling Mums You Need to Follow on Instagram


Here at Trunkaroo, we believe that education shouldn’t stop when the school bell rings!  Kids learn best through hands-on activities and experimentations that open their eyes to new ideas. So, whether you home educate or not, we find that the online home educating community is a great resource for ideas of inspiring things to do with kids – and these seven amazing mums are doing an amazing job at fabulous on Instagram!


  1. Andrea (@littlelightofhomeschool)

Andrea’s snapshots of her advice, activities, and adventure are sure to bring some “light” to your life! She switches between schooltime and playtime with a wonderful ease to keep her three little girls engaged and always learning.


  1. Elizabeth (@shidelerboys_schoolhouse)

Three rambunctious little boys are the highlight of Elizabeth’s charming feed full of mistakes, frustration, and learning opportunities. She shares the messy reality of homeschooling in a way that every parent can relate to and laugh along with.

January 1 brought one child throwing up and another falling into a lake where my husband—who was holding the baby—had to jump in to pull him out. 💆🏻January 2 brought me down with the 24hr stomach flu and my kids fending for themselves while I was in bed literally all day. So the fact it's January 3 and no one is throwing up, no one is soaked from the lake, and we're dressed in clothes other than pajamas... I would say it was a good day. We were going to start preschool back up this week, but I think we'll just go ahead and start next Monday. 👌🏼 . . I'll remember 2017 as a year of overcoming several of my hardest trials, but coming out on top and ending the year with an enormous sense of peace and personal growth. This past summer I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. We had several life-changing events happening in a short amount of time and most, if not all, were put on my shoulders to handle while raising two young boys and a baby while my husband was busy finishing a work project and/or working in another state. There were some things that were out of my control that only time and faith could get me through. But it also caused me to step back and assess my life and sources of stress I could control and eliminate. 2017 became the year of reducing and simplifying. It's been a game changer. I've read more books on this in the past 6 months than all the books I've read in the past 5 years (which isn't saying much because I was never a big reader, but still... you get the point 😉) This way of living has been an answer to a prayer I didn't even know I was praying for. And more importantly, it brought me to this path of homeschooling. Letting go of the unessentials and distractions allowed me to grasp this journey with my boys without "adding" stress. That seems crazy, right? You would never think taking on such a thing would bring peace and happiness into your life while actually staying sane... well, for the most part 😉. We are pretty dang pumped to see what the Lord has in store for us this year... hopefully a year with fewer lake accidents and with good health. 🙏🏼

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  1. Toni (@homeschoolingbyheart)

An amazing resource for those unsure of how to be a teacher and a parent, Toni has homeschooled all of her five kids over the past twenty-five years and currently has one teenager at home. Her expertise will fill your feed and help you navigate teaching your little ones on your own, no matter their age.

5 things I learned homeschooling teens: . Don't panic. It's a waste of precious brain cells. You've been doing a good job thus far, why does anything need to change? It doesn't. You are still equipped to do this, and do it well--remember you are the expert on your own kids! . You don't suddenly need to do public school at home because this is "serious" now. You can still be just as creative and free spirited as you want in providing what your child needs. Or not. The point is to still go about learning in whatever way is life giving to you and them. There are many approaches to high school, don't box yourself in. . Keep your bigger picture in mind just as much as ever. Only you can define that. For us our focus still remained the same, which was an emphasis on life and faith values. But that doesn't mean they weren't preparing for adult life. They absolutely were. . In my opinion, they should have a lot of freedom to pursue what they are seriously interested in, and not forced to follow a scope & sequence with courses that will have no value or relevance to them. . They don't need to have their future career or life plan all figured out by age 18. Some kids will have a strong direction they feel good about by then, others will need more time. Let them have it, guilt & pressure free. . photo: my youngest who starts his sophomore year in the fall @toniweber #homeschoolingbyheart

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  1. Jodi (@jodimockabee)

Jodi’s peek into her family’s journeys in homeschooling shows that the best classmates are the ones at home. Watching her five children work, play, and learn together is pure magic.


  1. Jennifer (@jennifernaraki)

For a more mom-focused view of homeschooling, turn to Jennifer as she shares her life and celebrates every day with her three boys. Her natural adventures with her boys will remind you to take time for yourself while your little ones run wild.


  1. Ainsley (@ainsl3y)

If you’re looking for a community when it comes to homeschooling, Ainsley will lead you to it. Her family’s adventures in homeschooling are mixed in with experiences from the homeschooling community she has created, showcasing that learning at home doesn’t have to be isolated.


  1. Elsie (@farmhouse_schoolhouse)

Scrolling through Elsie’s captures of her four boys reminds you of the magic of getting your hands dirty – literally! Her kids learn through a beautiful combination of the nitty gritty of nature and the fantasies of reading that’ll have you dragging your little ones outside for the next sunny day. 

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