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How To Teach Kids To Practice Kindness

Kindness is one of the most valuable traits we can hope for our children to learn. Acts of kindness not only spread happiness but also build self-esteem and reduce stress. Just like other developmental skills kindness is something we can teach and encourage, and of course we must lead by example. Integrating kindness into your daily routine using thoughtful activities...read more

Origami Flowers

Try these fun experiments to discover how different kinds of paper react to water.


You will need:

• Scissors

• Flower Template

• Bowl of water



1. Cut out your templates (PDF below)

2....read more

12 Amazing Science Projects Your Kids Will Absolutely Love

Science doesn’t have to stay in the classroom! With a little bit of know-how everyday household items can reveal the mind-blowing science all around us. Who doesn’t love to play and learn at the same time? Whether your motivation is a rainy day stuck indoors or quality time with the kiddiwinks, we have enough STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)...read more

Easter STEM experiments: Free eBook

Easter is a perfect time to create and do activities as a family. Here are some of our favourite egg experiments that are super fun and full of learning. Your young scientist will love them! Do send us your photos and videos as we’d love to celebrate your creations! 
...read more

7 Inspiring Homeschooling Mums You Need to Follow on Instagram

Here at Trunkaroo, we believe that education shouldn’t stop when the school bell rings!  Kids learn best through hands-on activities and experimentations that open their eyes to new ideas. So, whether you home educate or not, we find that the online home educating community is a great resource for ideas of inspiring things to do with kids – and these...read more

10 Whimsical STEM-inspired Books For World Book Day

The best day of the year is almost here: World Book Day! 1st March marks this year’s celebration of books, the people who write them, and the people who read them. Here at Trunkaroo.com, we love marvellous stories and know that our curious customers do too! In fact, we have a particular love for books that encourage creativity, imagination, a...read more